A Court of Mist and Fury


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
Release Date: May 3rd 2016
Publisher: Bloomsbury
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I want to quickly mention that I’ve procrastinated writing this review for A WHOLE YEAR. I am really shit when it comes to writing reviews about books I enjoy and I just put it off completely. I also want to mention this review contains LOTS OF SPOILERS!! I normally write spoiler free reviews, however this one is most certainly not one of those.

Okay, onto the actual review…

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Sarah J Maas’ books. I for one enjoyed A Court of Thorns and Roses a lot more than Throne of Glass, and while I loved certain aspects of the ToG series, I also despise some of the sequels for various reasons. I originally went into A Court of Mist and Fury very hesitantly due to this love-hate relationship and due to my scattered thoughts in regards to her other sequels. Thankfully, I was not disappointed and ended up enjoying this installment even more than the first one!

In ACOTAR, I didn’t particularly care for Tamlin or Rhysand, I only cared about Feyre and what was happening to her. In ACOMAF, I completely fell in love with Rhysand as a character despite the shitty things he did in ACOTAR and I loved getting to know him as a character and I found him incredibly caring and selfless in addition to being arrogant and charming. Despite being utter trash for Feysand, I do have one huge glaring issue with Maas’ books that I need to point out. Sometimes, I really despise how she treats her characters. In order to get us to fall head over heels for a new love interest, she completely demonises the other without allowing any sort of in between feelings. Like, I get that we should get used to the new love interest, and it can be of the MC’s development etc etc, I really do understand that. However making one character be a complete piece of shit just to place another on the pedestal, kinda pisses me off. I just feel like Maas gives us no choice in who to ship and sometimes things feel unnaturally shoehorned in for the sake of this.
THANKFULLY, I didn’t give a shit about Tamlin in the first place (Chaol in ToG is A WHOLE OTHER STORY – my poor baby), however to this day, I still don’t 110% hate him. What Tamlin did was undeniably shitty, however I also won’t blindly hate his guts just because that’s what the narrative told me to do.

*ahem* MOVING ON.

The worldbuilding in ACOMAF was undeniably beautiful and was easily one of my favourite aspects of the novel (apart from the smut because I do like the occasional smutty scene). Delving into other areas of Prythian, imagining the wonder of the Night Court and learning about other more, despicable beings was an absolute joy and added so much depth to the story that I didn’t know I craved from the first one. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the worldbuilding in ACOTAR, however I found ACOMAF added so many more layers I didn’t realise I wanted to read about, until they were there.

I also loved the new characters introduced. The Inner Circle was an absolute joy to read about and each of them are also so distinctive to one another. Cassian alone is one of my favourite characters, I loved his arrogance, his banter with the others, how much he cares for EVERYBODY else, and I love his snarky attitude. Cassian is honestly a breath of fresh air despite seeming like another typical, arrogant fae. I also adore Amren, and Tarquin. Tarquin in particular because he is so different to the other characters we’ve come across, AND I MAY HAVE CRIED WHEN HE SENT THE BLOOD RUBIES. I just want the Summer Court and the Night Court to be friends so badly and Tarquin is totally underrated as a character.

The plot in ACOMAF is honestly, a little non-existent although that’s not to say that nothing happens. Plenty of things happen, and I still found it to be an incredibly entertaining and enthralling installment. There is essentially a bunch of filler type events that occur rather than a solid plotline, although as I said, I’m totally okay with this as I still found it SO MUCH FUN to read!

Overall, while it seems like I have a lot to complain about, I really did love this installment. I didn’t expect to enjoy it more than ACOTAR considering I found ACOTAR to be leagues above TOG in the first place, I am so incredibly glad this exceeded my expectations because I loved every second. (Also THAT ENDING UGH)


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